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WF Aviation and Flying Fox Aviation enter co-marketing agreement

WF Aviation has struggled on the “buy side” with other brokers in the business who simply were not up to snuff with the technical aspects of aircraft sales. There are so many issues like Airworthiness Directives, VAT, CAMO Contracts, Airworthiness Limitations and so on that require you to have owned, operated and maintained aircraft to really understand them fully. Flying Fox Aviation were the only people we have met in the industry who have this portfolio of knowledge.
By joining our marketing efforts it allows us to give our brokerage clients access to two agents working hard with their local contacts to make a sale. It allows WF Aviation access to a great maintenance facility in Babgy Airport for airframe, engine, paint and avionics work all of which are to the highest standards set down by the CAA. Flying Fox Aviation are a talented team with experience in classics, singles and twins where they work on a practical basis with the owners to fix problems rather than just send every component in arms reach for overhaul.
As the GA fleet ages, access to competent maintenance is going to be one of the biggest factors in owning an aircraft. WF Aviation are able to assist in this regard with access to the largest subscription databases in the world for aircraft parts. WF Aviation list their parts inventory on multiple third party sites as well on our own eCommerce platform and often we have the only part of its kind in the world for Socata, Cessna and Piper. The team at Flying Fox not only offer brokerage, maintenance but have in house pilots to collect and deliver customers aircraft all over Europe.
They have worked on customers aircraft as far afield as Canada and that in itself speaks volumes about their reputation. Expect to see a lot more aircraft for sale and then promptly sold from this joint venture, as the benefits of our joint alliance starts to bear fruit. The no nonsense Yorkshire approach has already been warmly received at Newcastle Airfield where we have placed four aircraft into the flying school, and one into the Ormand Flying Club at Birr Airfield.
The attractive Euro/Sterling rate at the moment means clients of WF Aviation will see great euro returns on selling their aircraft into the UK. We are now confident we have the right alliance to make the gains our customers deserve. Check them out at 

William Flood
William Flood