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Aviators Guide to Ireland

WF Aviation is proud to offer this "must have" publication for anyone with even a passing interest in the vast range of possible landing sites Ireland has to offer. Aviators Guide to Ireland is a photo based flight guide that clearly presents 210 various airports and airstrips all over Ireland. As of March 2021 this guide is only available as an Ebook. We ask that you make a €15.00 donation to Temple Street Childrens Hospital on their website:

Contact us and we will then send you:

  1. PDF File of Aviatiors Guide to Ireland (658mb)

  2. Garmin .GDB File of Waypoints

  3. Garmin Pilot. CSV File of Waypoints

This volume is a great cockpit companion for aviators, but is equally captivating for those with an interest in aviation who would enjoy the virtual experience of flying through Ireland. One does not need to own an aircraft to enjoy this book, and we look forward to this book being a catalyst to inspire many more to take to the skies and enjoy what we have sampled along the way in writing this guide.

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