Brokerage Services

There are lots of people who can broker your aircraft. Why you would choose us is quite simple. We have successfully sold hundreds of aircraft in the UK, Europe, and further afield. Through the experience and contacts we have in the industry, nothing is a problem for us. Because we actively trade aircraft on our own account, we know how the market will respond to your aircraft listing. It is easy for us to preemptively spot things that will either add value to your offering or conversely hold it back. We wouldn’t waste your time, or our own, listing an aircraft we wouldn’t want to own or operate ourselves.

If you want someone who can open the door of an aircraft and tell you exactly what avionics are fitted by glancing at the panel, then you are probably looking for Matthew Fox. If you want someone who can look at a Cessna and tell what year it was made by the door handle, then you could do with William Flood on board. Collectively there is very little we can’t do.

We are happy to work on a performance-related fee structure to broker your aircraft, where we are providing, and you are receiving the most value. Get in touch via the link below and we can arrange an informal chat and an opinion of value.