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Brokerage Services

WF Aviation Broker ServicesEveryone values their time in different ways, but we know the best path to a successful sale at the highest price the market will bear for a given aircraft in the shortest time frame possible. While it is perfectly possible to get a sale over the line without engaging professional assistance, it is also possible to fall foul of time wasters and fraudsters who simply look to take advantage of part time sellers. We are aware of the pitfalls that are out there and how to avoid them. We assist with:

  • Troubleshooting the aircraft and paperwork prior to sale
  • Locating log books/manuals belonging to the aircraft
  • Deep cleaning the aircraft to get it to the standard that would satisfy any purchaser
  • Professionally photographing the aircraft
  • Writing advert copy that will leave niggling questions
  • Where necessary we will get/update or compile a time life component sheet
  • Place adverts online and in print that will cover a multitude of markets
  • Deal with the enquiries quickly and accurately
  • Demonstrate the aircraft and make it available for any buyers surveys
  • Handle deposits, and receipt the buyer
  • Prepare radio station licence transfer
  • Oversee and defect rectification prior to sale closing
  • Prepare closing paperwork necessary to re-register the aircraft
  • Prepare bill of sale on receipt of funds
  • Ferry the aircraft as needed

Selling aircraft is our day job, so if it doesn’t sound like yours, then get in touch and see how we can partner up to get your aircraft away. We are typically 20% cheaper on brokerage fees than the market average, so we are keen for your business. Many satisfied vendors can verify all we do, and we are happy to provide references from past customers.