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Client Testimonials

Hello William, I wish you all the best with your business. My comment on the purchase of G-KFRA can only be: absolutely positive and fully satisfied. Everything which you promised came true. I appreciated the evening with you and Mike after your delivery flight. If I would like to buy an aircraft again, I would first ask you if you can organize me one of the requested type. Best regards, Holger Labes

Having recently purchased a Slingsby Firefly from WF Aviation,The aircraft was as described. I found the service very professional and their knowledge of aviation quite extensive. I would recommend them to my colleagues and would certainly purchase from them again. Happy customer. William Hillick (G-KONG)

Hey William, Website looks great. Here is a few words for you. I bought a Cessna 180 from William, I found him to be very fair and helpful regarding the aircraft, and is still helping me regarding maintenance and general flying of the plane. Paul Redmond

Many thanks for your help. Everyone is impressed on how quickly the aircraft have been sold. Lakeland Seaplane Tours

The lady was fantastic, was good in the air and never worries us - nice aircraft. For you all the best and good luck for the future. Nicu-Pierre Brögeler

First of all I just want to say a big thanks for everything you did for us over the last few days, been extremely helpful, and for putting me up in your home. I've had the most amazing time whilst doing this whole deal and learnt a lot and gained experience and confidence with my flying and I got well out of my comfort zone and it felt bloody good. The 210 experience was absolutely amazing, so cheers once again. You've given my a new insight into flying light fast pistons.... Anton Richards