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How do I refurbish my aircraft interior?

The simple answer to this question, is you have to do everything. What can't be recovered or replaced, you have to paint it. If you leave out any one piece it sticks out like a sore thumb! Take the Cessna 206 we have just done for ourselves. The interior to us means:

  • Paint Doors Inside
  • Paint Door Jams
  • Replace Sound Proofing
  • Perspex Restoration
  • Interior Light Repairs
  • Plastic Repairs and SEM Paint
  • New Headliner
  • New Speaker
  • New Flooring
  • Paint Seat Bases
  • Change Seat Rollers
  • Change Seat Slings
  • Source Headrests
  • Recover Seats and Side Panels
  • Fit Slide on Rubber Trims on all Edges Facing Glass
  • Change Door Locks
  • Change Door Seals
  • Fix Door Stays

So if you value where you spend 100% of your time in the air, this is an insight into what you must do to get it to a really top standard.


U206F Interior


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