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WF Aviation offer both brokered and own account aircraft for sale, in addition to a wide range of “as removed” aircraft parts. For our brokerage customers we have the expertise on hand to take your aircraft and properly present it for sale, hangar it, deal with all the issues that would perplex a part time seller and deliver it safely to it’s new home. We deal with all the paperwork associated with the sale, and make sure both parties are happy with the conclusion of the deal. Our run rate is over 90% so you can be sure we will get as close to the asking price as anyone in the business.

For buyers we offer a selection of our own, and sole agency brokered aircraft for sale at prices that reflect the marketplace of today, and we have many endearing references on the testimonials page from those who have bought from us in the past. We understand aviation is a “contact sport” so please drop us a line if you see something of interest, or an area where we may be able to partner up in the future.

WF Aviation Blog

2017 - Year in Review

January 12, 2018

A quick look back at the progress in 2017 is a good reminder of where all the effort went to. There were lots of airplanes that came through the hangar, and some were sold without even making the trip to Birr Airfield.

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First Half of 2016 - What we've been up to

June 29, 2016

Being a hands on thing running an aviation business, we haven't had as much time to blog and update social media as we had hoped. The focus on out business for 2016 was to shift from parting out and brokering aircraft. After accumulating 3,000 aircraft parts the real task was properly organising and marketing the parts stock. We sourced an additional 1000sq ft external facility to store wings on custom made racks, and flight control surfaces on trolleys with castors. These bulky parts along with the cowlings & doors leaving the hangar left a lot more space to work. A large number of bulk storage shelves were bought from Duffy’s in Ballydangan and we arranged these in rows, and built...

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Airplane DIY's, Saving Money Using Your Aircraft's Service Manual

February 19, 2016

Many of us like to save money, when we have the time and opportunity to do so.  Airplane ownership costs can be effectively reduced by several maintenances that you can do yourself, and these are listed in an aircraft's service manual.  If you are mechanically inclined and looking to keep your plane in good running order while learning more about and understanding your plane's inner workings, doing the upkeep yourself will help. 

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