About Wf Aviation

We are the original airport kids, Matthew was brought up in the hangar, William was building model aeroplanes and devouring Pilot Magazines as a youngster. We both learned to fly early on, and cut our teeth with aeroplane ownership and maintenance while others just read about it. Before coming together in 2017 under the WF Aviation brand, Matthew and William had sold over a hundred aeroplanes, but it made sense to both push ahead together with one brand.

We buy, refurbish, part exchange, source and sell all kinds of GA aircraft. We aim to get on with people and do repeat business. Sometimes our advice can be refreshing and honest, but we would sooner hang onto an aeroplane than sell someone the wrong thing. Constantly buying, constantly selling there is a good chance we know of the exact aeroplane you are looking for. Why not reach out to us today and see if we can be of value to you.