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Why use an aircraft broker?

Why use an aircraft broker? It’s a good question, but there is also a good answer! You might remember the moment in your initial flight training where landing the aircraft just clicked with you? Remember once it clicked how you got better and better at it? Well we've been around the patch more times than you can count. Every scenario of aircraft preparation, documentation, photography, advertising, test flights, negotiation and delivery are not new to us, but second nature.

We have managed to sell aircraft that many said we lost causes. Where owners had given up and lost interest, we have take them out of hangars covered in dust and breathed new life into them with the help of an expert team. Some have been cream puff aircraft; some have been functional but not pretty. All of them we are happy to fly in and still count ourselves as friends with both the vendors and the new owners. A good example would be the Lake LA4-200 which sat in Waterford for years.

Mechanics came and went, each with a different tall tale as to what they thought the aircraft needed. Item by item we went through the aircraft. From sorting re-registration to hydraulic leaks there was nothing that could best us. Where we needed a type specific expert we found him, and brought him in from the USA. In this case Paul Furnee the world known Lake expert came and did the final tasks and type training, to allow us to safely prove the aircraft on land and water.

This was followed with a 1400nm delivery flight to Romania over 3 days taking us over the Irish Sea, England, Continental Europe and finally through the Transylvanian mountains peaks to get the aircraft to its new home. If you asked the vendor could he have done that mission on his own, you can guess the answer. Sometimes a situation needs a fresh pair of eyes.

Optimistic eyes that can see the selling points of the aircraft in question. An experienced eye to look through the logs and foresee the barrage of questions prospective purchasers will throw up. Purchasers like to deal with brokers as they have a selection of aircraft to sell, and can advise them which aircraft would really fit their mission based on experience of range of aircraft they have flown and sold. If you are a private seller then it’s hard to avoid doing the hard sell on why your Cessna 172 is the best GA aircraft in the universe and everything else is junk.

As a broker we can discuss the relative merits of each without bias, and logically arrive at the same conclusion. Furthermore brokers can reference a range of actual selling prices of similar aircraft and prove the value of the aircraft by reference to where the market is. Often owners are too emotionally attached, or simply have told their spouse the aircraft is worth a racing fortune.

We can view the situation with logic, science and experience. More often than not a broker can match a customer to an aircraft without even having to advertise it, simply by knowing where there is an immediate requirement.

Call us today to see how we can help sell your aircraft for the best possible price, with the least amount of stress.

William Flood
William Flood