Can you deliver your advertised aircraft worldwide?

Yes – between our team of experienced ferry pilots we can work out an estimate and terms for delivery that make sure you get the aircraft you want delivered to your base. Remember we only sell what we are happy to fly!  

I’m not sure what aircraft suits my needs best, what do you suggest?

The best advice here is come to us and fly a range of types, and we can discuss where you see the aircraft fitting in. We’ve owned singles and twins of all the major brands and know what works where. It’s better you buy the right aircraft than come to us looking to sell one that has disappointed you.

Is there an airfield or private airstrip near me?

If you live in Ireland then you should pick up a copy of our book “Aviators Guide to Ireland” and see what’s in the locality. Perhaps you are looking to establish an airstrip or reinstate and old one? Then contact us and we will give you the benefit of our experience.

Do you sell any new aircraft?

We have relationships with the big brand agencies for Cessna, Piper and Cirrus so if you wish someone to work on your behalf to source the best deal, and advise on the margins and discounts that can be best negotiated then do call us and we can partner up to work out a deal where we provide and you receive value.

Do you do on demand charter flights or air taxi services?

No – unfortunately not. We can recommend several other service providers who operate in this space so do indeed call us and we can steer you in the right direction.