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Rallye 235E G-BIAC

This is the advert we just don't want to write. There is no way we can find another aeroplane for this price that has jaw-dropping short-field performance, 130kts cruise speed, four seats, long-range and 8.33Khz/Mode S in the panel. If we do part with it we will have to find another one, as the fun we are getting out of Alpha Charlie is leaving us all grinning ear to ear. One flight and you will be hooked. Speaking of hooks, there is a tow hook fitted if you want to put her to work.

Reading the logs you have to think this is a forever aeroplane. The books are complete back to her build in 1980, and the aircraft has no damage history. Total time is 1940hrs and the engine was stripped/rebuilt by Norvic with cylinder work 304hrs ago. Compressions are all strong, it uses very little oil and pulls like a train. At annual in July 2020 we fixed lots of small things, and the prop has been Zero timed by General Aero in February 2020. We knew exactly where to look for corrosion, and this example is rock solid in that regard.

If you were to put this next to a 182 of the same year it would take off quicker, climb quicker and cruise quicker. The Rallye is just as steady in IMC and will land both easier and shorter than the 182. A Piper Dakota wouldn't even get a look in when it comes to the runway performance. Anything that comes close to the 235E is going to be 2-3x the price. The paint is original, interior has been refreshed at some point but is quite presentable. Avionics wise we have:

  • King KMA-20 Audio
  • Icom AC-220 Com 8.33khz
  • King KX-175 Nav/Com with ILS
  • King KNS80 with ILS
  • King KR85 ADF
  • Trig TT-31 Mode S

If you have a look on FlightAware you can see everywhere we go, it's 123-130kts depending on the power setting. The big Lycoming 540 has the best sound going, once you fire it up people put down their coffee and just have to watch. From here on, if you want to backtrack the runway... it's up to you. Just open her up and hang on!

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