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PZL Koliber 150 G-BVAI

If you can find another EASA reg, 4 seater, built in the 1990's with a 1000hrs, 8.33Khz and Mode S for €29,500 then you should definitely buy it. Seeing as there are none, G-BVAI is well worth a look. The engine has 211hrs since a strip and rebuild with new bearings, camshaft, followers, pistons, rings, valve guides. The 58" Sensenich cruise prop has 211hrs also with other recent items being magneto 500hr, carb inspection, new artificial horizon. In the panel, there is an Icom A-220 8.33Khz radio, King KT-74 Mode S transponder and four place intercom.

Original paint and refitted blue velour interior, fitted with gear leg fairings. Comes with a canopy cover but more importantly than that - under the cowling compressions all in the 70's, 8 new spark plugs, mags timed, leads tested, idle rpm and mixture set, new exhaust gaskets, induction gaskets, induction hoses, exhaust inspected, oil filter split satisfactory and good baffles.

Cruises over 100kts on 30 Litres per hour. We have all the books scanned and genuine parties are welcome to have a look. BEW is 574kgs and MTOW is 850kg. The Koliber 150 is a Polish built copy of the Rallye 110ST, it is lighter and has a bigger engine. We know all about the Rallye series and this one G-BVAI even made it in the Rallye bible by Roger Gaborieau, as you can see in the attached. The Koliber really is the 5th Generation of Rallye Aircraft.

Price €29,500 Euro or £26,000 STG

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Aircraft Time State

Make: PZL
Model: Koliber 150
Year: 1990
A/F Serial Number: 03900040
A/F Hours: 1015hrs
Country of Manufacture: Poland

Engine Make: Lycoming
Engine Model: O-320-E2A
Hours STOH: 211hrs

Prop Model: Sensenich 74DM6-0-58
Hours of SPOH: 211hrs


Com 1: Icom A220-T 8.33Khz
Transponder: King KT-74 Mode S
Intercom: Sigtronics Four Place
Known avionics defects: Garmin 250XL Inop


Original or Refurbished: Refurbished
Intercom Jack Points: Four Place
Glass Quality: Above Average


Original or Resprayed: Wings Repainted
Registration Painted or Decal: Painted
Scheme Description: OEM Scheme of white with blue trim lines


Cruise Speed: 105kts
Annual Due: July 2021
Location: EIBR

Aircraft Cover: Yes
All Original Logs: Yes
Aircraft Service Manual Present: Yes
Aircraft Parts Manual Present: Yes
Private use only no flight school ops: Yes