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Piper Turbo Dakota G-HOLA

There will always be high wing fans, but an equal amount of pilots will want a low wing aircraft. When Piper went head to head with the Cessna 182 in 1964, it was a tough opponent to take on. The Piper Dakota family was the final hand that Piper played. They had changed the fuselage length, added windows, changed the wing, tried various prop and engine combinations to arrive at their penultimate PA-28 load lifter. Finding a late model Cessna 182 is not an easy task right now, but to find a Piper equivalent is an even bigger hurdle to clear. Check G-HOLA on FlightAware, and you’ll see we are frequently at FL100 over the Irish Sea. Climb rates of 1,200 FPM can be expected after a brief take-off run which is as always complemented by manual flaps. Fuel burn at high power cruise is about 12 USG per hour, with 72 USG total tank capacity giving it decent range. There are various cruise profiles listed, we tend to fly it 100 degrees rich of peak on the digital TIT gauge. Pilots used to flying the Piper PA32 prefer it as its just the right size but still has the same 6 cylinder gutsy performance they are used to. 

G-HOLA has just been repainted with white and John Cooper Works Moonwalk Grey trim lines with Green Accents. Airtime also did the interior in black Andrew Muirhead Leather in the OEM style which is one of the nicest aircraft interiors you are going to come across. Carpets are Axminister in grey/black and there are certs for everything on file.

The engine was overhauled on 25th Sept 2008 and has only ran 313hrs SMOH since that date. The engine is just back from a strip and rebuilt at Deltair in late 2020. The propeller is zero hours. The Airframe has a shade over 3,000hrs TT and presents as good as new generation Piper. Even the yokes have been updated to the latest style, which makes the flying experience bang up to date. The empty weight is 1826lbs and this yields a useful load of 1074lbs which will suit many missions. If you have examined the cost of going to the USA to import a prime condition aircraft you will realize the significant costs involved. You could go to import one, get an ITN number, ferry it, pay the VAT and then get an Export C of A to end up in the same place. The starting number in the USA will be a lot higher than what you can buy G-HOLA for today. See:

Looking through the logs in a tour who the who’s who in the UK, Airtime, IAE, RGV, Goodwood, Bournemouth Avionics. We would be only too pleased to show you them in person or email you a Time Limited Task Statement. 

£132,950 STG or Euro Equivilent

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