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Piper PA32R-301 Saratoga G-JAFS

We are pleased to have the newest Piper Saratoga II HP for sale anywhere in the world. G-JAFS has the factory fitted dual Avidyne screens and has no damage history. There is no comparable aircraft listed anywhere else. This 2005 model year aircraft has 1858hrs TT and the engine has just 691hrs SMOH in October 2016. The 3 blade Hartzell prop has 332hrs SPOH in April 2018. This is a modern IFR touring aircraft with all this equipment at your disposal: 

  • 10.4” Avidyne Flightmax Entegra primary flight display
  • Coupled to system 55X with altitude and rate pre-select
  • H.S.I / FD, altitude, rate of climb, MAP, RPM, active navigation presentations
  • 10.4” Entegra multifunction flight situation display
  • EMAX - engine monitoring, fuel management
  • CMAX approach charts (subscription required)
  • L3 WX500 Stormscope
  • Sky 497 Skywatch
  • Garmin GMA340
  • S-TEC System 55X autopilot with flight director and GPSS
  • Dual GNS 430
  • Garmin GTX330
  • King KR87 ADF
  • Garmin GI-106 Indicator
  • King KDI-572 DME

Piper marketed the Saratoga as the truly versatile “sport utility vehicle” of the sky. Once your family, spouse or passengers see the luxurious interior they will not want to fly in anything else. The Saratoga II HP packs 300 horsepower and cradles you in spacious cruising comfort. The PA32R has plenty of ability on grass runways, don’t think this is just an aeroplane for tarmac. There is such solid comfort for everyone in the Saratoga, both for the those flying her and those enjoying the ride. The Saratoga with the right pilot is a mini business jet, and we have seen them regularly knock out 1400nm trips in a day. G-JAFS is considerably faster than early model year aircraft and shows us 155kts IAS on 15.5gph. Once you see it in person you will appreciate how Piper managed to make a remarkable 74% of the fuselage into the cabin area. The cabin is very versatile with extra-wide double doors and quick-release rear seats you can bring an incredible payload. Literally you can take along whoever – and whatever – you wish.

£289,500 GBP or Euro Equivalent

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