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Piper Lance N7640F

So much utility is on offer with the Piper Lance. Hersey bar wing with the manual flaps just pops off the ground at 50kts and then in the cruise, you can see it going everywhere at 142kts on Flight Radar 24. We only needed a short look around N7640F to see a compelling case. The engine has only 316hrs SMOH in 2010. The prop has just 283hrs on a Top Prop Conversion. The aircraft is fitted with a full-speed mod Laminar Flow STC package fairing off wheel wells, flap hinges, wing roots and tank joints. The club seating is smart and comfortable cream leather with stitched headrests. The panel has full copilot Artificial Horizon/Directional Indicator/Altimeter/Turn Coordinator for your lucky flying partners. The jewel in the crown is the Avionics fit:

  • S-Tec 55x with ST-360 Alt Preselect
  • Shadin Digiflow Fuel and Air Data
  • Goodrich Skywatch 497 TCAS
  • Goodrich WX500 Stormscope
  • JPI EDM 800 Engine Monitor with Fuel Flow
  • GMA-340 Audio Panel
  • Dual Music Inputs
  • Garmin GNC 255 Nav/Com 8.33Khz
  • Apollo MX20 MFD
  • Apollo CNX80 GPS/Nav/Com
  • King KR87 ADF
  • King KN64 DME
  • King KT74 Mode S Transponder with ADSB Out
  • Sandel SN3308 HSI

With this class of six-seat Aeroplane, you really are pulling together a great package of safety, performance and comfort. Given we own three PA32R’s all ready to go, the hardest part is going to be choosing between them all. When you take the Aeroplane home you also will be bringing with you a full set of new Cambrai Covers. All important when you buy an N-Reg aeroplane is the VAT receipt and this is right there in the docs folder. The aircraft was US-based from 1977 to 1997. It then went to South Africa as ZS-OGX and landed into the UK in March 2001.

Because we own it, we welcome any trade-in proposals that come our way. See attached Vref Book Value report. Tell us what you have any we will do a deal with cash up or down! Price is £68,500 STG - Euro Price is Indicative Only

VRef Book Value Report

Piper Lance POH in PDF

Note: By reserving this aircraft a deposit amount of €10,000.00 EUR will be added to the cart. Once you have paid the deposit (checked out), this aircraft will not be available to other buyers.

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Aircraft Time State

Make: Piper
Model: Lance
Year: 1977
A/F Serial Number: 32R-7780069
A/F Hours: 5036hrs
Country of Manufacture: USA

Engine Make: Lycoming
Engine Model: IO-540-K1G5D
Engine S/N: RL26765-48E
Engine Horsepower: 300hp
Hours SMOH: 316hrs

Prop Model: Hartzell HC-C3YR-1RF
Prop S/N: DY7891B
No. of Blades: 3 Blades
Type of Prop: 3 Blade Constant Speed
Hours of SPOH: 246hrs
Date of Overhaul: Jan 2010


Audio Panel: Garmin GMA-340
Com 1: Garmin GNX-80
Nav 1: Garmin GNX-80
Nav Indicator 1: Sandel HSI
Com 2: Garmin 255
Nav 2: Garmin GNC255
Nav Indicator 2: King ILS
ADF: King KR-87
DME: King KN-64
Transponder: KT-74 Mode S/ADS-B
GPS: Garmin GNX-80/MX-20
Autopilot: S-Tec 55x
Intercom: Garmin GMA-340
Stormscope: WX-500
Engine Monitor: EDM 800
Other Avionics Fitted: Shadin Fuel/Air Data
Known avionics defects: Elec Trim Inop/FAR Checks/EDM Display


Original or Refurbished: Refurbished
Intercom Jack Points: 6 Place
Glass Quality: Average


Original or Resprayed: Resprayed
Registration Painted or Decal: Decal


Seats: 6 Place
Useful Load: 1279lbs
Cruise Speed: 142Kts
Fuel Burn: 15 USG
FAR 411/413 Due: Yes
Location: EGNG (Bagby)

Aircraft Cover: Yes
VAT Paid: Yes
New Annual: Yes
Soft copy time life component sheet: No