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Cessna U206F Stationair N206UF

If you can find a better late model non-turbo 206 then you should snap it up. These aircraft are prized all over the world where the runways don’t look like runways, and there is a job to do. The legacy models are light, this example only weighs 2031lbs and they don’t guzzle 22 US gallons p/h of fuel to keep themselves running cool like the new build Turbo Lycoming variants. The Continental IO-520-F burns in around the 14-15 US Gallon mark at speeds slightly better than a 182. The next annual is due March 2022, the compressions this annual were 76, 76, 72, 78, 78, 78. The Airframe has 3298hrs TTAF, with 234hrs SMOH and 159hrs SPOH. Delivered with fresh FAA IFR checks complete.

The magic of the 206 is in the undercarriage and huge span flaps, which allow it to operate from the most marginal of runways. This aircraft was originally a corporate aircraft, where it did stints in Europe and was in Africa for a time before coming back to the UK for pleasure flights. The aircraft was extensively refurbished from 2008 and flown in 2019. It has clocked up 40hrs since rebuild and has been rigged by one of the top Cessna Specialists in the world to a digital degree perfect standard. Take off performance is staggering, flies hands off straight and true handling like the Range Rover of the air that it is.

The avionics have been extensively upgraded, all the old wiring has been carefully removed and a custom made loom fitted. The panel now features:

  • Xaon XRX PCAS (linked to Aera 660)                                
  • Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
  • Garmin Aera 660 GPS (linked to Xaon XRX PCAS)
  • Garmin GNS430W Com/Nav/WAAS GPS
  • Flightstream 210 Bluetooth & AHRS          
  • Garmin GI-106A GPS/Nav CDI Indicator                                       
  • King KY-197 Com 2                                      
  • King KN-64 DME                             
  • King KR-87 ADF                                           
  • King KI-227 Indicator                        
  • Garmin GTX-330 Mode S Txpr                                           
  • Stratus USB Power                           
  • EDM830 Engine Monitor w/Fuel Flow                                          
  • Artex 345 ELT

We have gone to the ends of the earth to make the interior second to none. 

  • Knots 2U door seals
  • Selkirk ½” foam soundproofing
  • SCS Precut Black Vinyl flooring with heel pads
  • Audi Grey Nappa Leather with Aerosheep Sheepskin Insert
  • Seats with six place headrests
  • Airtex Wool Headliner in grey
  • Leather Sunvisors
  • Powder-coated yokes
  • Coat hook
  • Six place intercom with metal jack plug housings

The logbook entries for all the work we have done to N206UF runs into a long read, but there is not one inch of the aircraft we do not know first hand. Good stuff that will make anyone smile:

  • 800-6 MLG Tires/Bigger Nose Wheel Tire
  • LED lights
  • McFarlane Cowl Saver Baffles
  • New Fuel Cells
  • New Fuel Caps
  • New Windshield
  • Overhauled Electric Fuel Pump
  • Overhauled Energizer Starter
  • Fresh 500hr Bendix Mags
  • New Valve Springs
  • New Tempest Plugs
  • New Teflon Hoses
  • Digital Engine Setup to TCM SID 97-3F
  • Degree perfect Rigging by CPA rigging specialist.
  • All new airframe hardware

We have all the logs scanned in PDF and have maintenance summary sheets for genuinely interested parties. We expect the buyer will have done their research and understand the scarcity of aircraft like this. Once N206UF is sold it would be impossible for us to replace it. We are happy to chat to anyone about the aeroplane, the price is €200k Euro (Plus VAT if Applicable) and no offers will be accepted. Exporting the aircraft worldwide in a container is easily arranged.

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