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N Reg Trusts

N Reg Trusts by Southern Aircraft Consultancy

We work closely with Southern Aircraft Consultancy who provide a first class trustee service for those non US citizens or entities wishing to place an aircraft on the FAA N-Register. This option is very worthwhile for those operating certified aircraft in a private capacity. There are numerous advantages to being on the N-Register such as:

- Simplified Instrument Rating with one written exam, and 15 dual hours instruction.

- Global Aircraft Registry of Choice. Your aircraft has value in Birmingham, Boston or Bangkok

- One singe maintenance task per year, an Annual Inspection by an FAA IA.

- Required maintenance becomes FAA AD’s, any maintenance set out in the TCDS or as an airworthiness limitation in the maintenance manual. Puts you in control of the items that get priority for your maintenance budget.

 Any of the issues involved to place or maintain an aircraft on the N-Register are “meat and drink” to us so give us a call if you feel we can help. Getting your aircraft registered is the first step so give Southern Aircraft Consultancy a call, and tell them we sent you.

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