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Piper PA32-260 Cherokee Six G-ATRW

We have been working on a deep annual of this Cherokee Six with a London based Piper specialist. The aircraft has received significant investment and we are looking forward to flying it for a month or so ourselves. There are very few six seaters on the market at this price point but the Six is no slouch, it can lift its own basic empty weight.

If you want something like this reach out to us, she has 3444hrs and 774hrs on the engine. Avionics are older but serviceable with 8.33Khz and Aera 660 Dock. We have just completed the wing spar AD for piece of mind. Give us a call and we can arrange a demonstration, and talk to you about what we've done with this Six.

William Flood 00353 872218706

Matthew Fox 0044 7752209776