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Piper Dakota 236 G-CSBD

Perhaps you want to carry a full load of four people and their bags over a considerable distance. If you want to fill the tanks, the baggage compartment and all the seats then we have the aeroplane for you. Most aircraft loaded like this would need a long hard runway. Not so with the Piper Dakota, which is equally at home on a farm strip as it is shooting an ILS down to minimums. The Dakota will lift the load from a 450m strip and ascend like a lift to your chosen altitude. You admire the progress of your flight on dual Garmin G5 glass EFIS displays, hands-off, coupled to the Century 2000 Autopilot system. The aircraft benefits from a GMA 340 Audio Panel, GNS 430 WAAS GPS/Nav/Com, ADF, DME, BFG WX900 Stormscope, FS450 Fuel Flow Computer and EDM Engine monitor. Nice to see a back up artificial horizon in the panel for those who don't yet fully believe in the Garmin Glass magic.

The cockpit has smart grey ruffled leather seats, and there is a snug cover for the exterior when parked outside. Recently fitted was a new Hartzel 3 Blade Scimitar prop which updates both the looks and the performance admirably. This 1981 aeroplane has 5745hrs TT and 1300hrs on the engine since major overhaul in 2000. The prop has 40hrs SNEW in 2018. Compressions are all good and the oil filter is clean. We sent a sample away for analysis, so everything under the cowling seems to be in order. In the air, you can expect TAS of 136kts @ 4000ft burning about 52 L/ph. The tanks hold 272L useable fuel and the baggage compartment is good for 200lbs of baggage. G-CSBD is the kind of aeroplane we'd love to hold onto ourselves. It is nothing short of stunning value so don't expect to prise it easily from us!

£72,000 GBP or Euro Equivalent

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