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Luscombe 8A G-BSTX

G-BSTX was imported into the UK in 1990 by the famous Ron Souch. The aircraft was then sold to Ireland in 1993, where the late great Sammy Bruton owned it for some years. Thereafter all the subsequent owners were known to us and they regularly had the aircraft at the annual PFA Rally in Kemble. The design and history of the aircraft appealed to us, so we set about repairing it after a landing accident in 2010. We will gladly talk anyone through the rounds we went to with the aircraft and the supporting LAA worksheets. Compressions are 77, 75, 75 and 77 so you won't get better.

Built on 13th Aug 1946 the overall airframe time is just 2358hrs. The A65-8 has 656hrs SMOH on 29th April 2001. The prop has 70hrs SPOH. Inside you are looking at period spec instruments with a powered Icom AC22E and HM400 intercom. The aircraft has an air-driven alternator and battery fitted, so it can run LED nav lights, cockpit lights and 12V power to cockpit electrics. In-flight you are looking at about 80kts at 2200rpm burning 17L per hour. Fuel capacity is 53L so you have roughly 2.75hrs endurance with a reserve and a range of about 210nm in still air. With the parking brake set, it's up to the pilot to hand swing the aircraft to start which is a skill easily learned, but like so many things in aviation, it demands your full awareness. If you have ever set up a hot air balloon you will realise hand swinging an aeroplane, is a modest price to pay for a nice evening of flying. Really that is where an aeroplane like this fits in, frosty mornings or evenings after work when you want to go for a flip for an hour. Finishing off with a fully crossed side slip over the hedge to your favoured touchdown!




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Aircraft Time State

Make: Luscombe
Model: 8a
Year: 1946
A/F Serial Number: 3301
A/F Hours: 2358hrs
Country of Manufacture: USA

Engine Make: TCM
Engine Model: A65-8
Engine S/N: T-027246
Engine Horsepower: 65hp
Hours SMOH: 656hrs
Date of last major overhaul: 29th April 2001

Prop Model: McCauley 1B90CM7447
Prop S/N: 24757
No. of Blades: 2 Blades
Type of Prop: Polished Metal Fixed Pitch
Hours of SPOH: 70hrs


Com 1: Icom A22E
Intercom: HM400


Original or Refurbished: Refurb in Quilted Tan Diamond Stitched Pattern.
Seatbelts: Renewed
Intercom Jack Points: Two Place
Glass Quality: Average


Original or Resprayed: Resprayed
Registration Painted or Decal: Decal
Scheme Description: White with red trim lines and black accents


Seats: 2 Place
Useful Load: 357lbs
Fuel Capacity: 14 USG
Cruise Speed: 80kts
Fuel Burn: 4.5 USG
Location: EIBR

VAT Paid: Yes
All Original Logs: Yes
Aircraft Service Manual Present: Yes
Aircraft Parts Manual Present: Yes
Always Hangared: Yes
Complete Logbooks: Yes
New Annual: New LAA Permit