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Cessna TR182 N6153S

A Cessna Turbo 182RG is realistically only going to sell to a serious pilot. Someone who can exploit the high altitude, heavy lifting, long-distance capability in weather that will leave the rest of them sitting in the clubhouse wondering how they did it. When the 31 inches of manifold pressure pull, the Horton STOL kit comes into play and max power at 90kts shows 1200fpm all the way up through the layers to leave you sitting in the sunshine at FL100 less than ten minutes after departure. When you take a standard 182, going off the book figures you gain 12kts with the retracts, but you gain 29kts with the Turbo. So if you are the pilot who has the ability to match your ambition, it really is the Turbo you want.

If you want proof of the load-hauling ability, think of the one and a half barrels of fuel that the wet wing holds. Then add pax and baggage that other four-seaters would be leaving behind, by not having nearly 1100lbs of useful load. N6153S is a unique aircraft, as it was owned and operated by Cessna Aircraft Company as their own aircraft for the first 300hours from CEA field at the factory. We have all the books scanned back to birth, check it out for yourself. Over the years the aircraft has been upgraded with mainly King Avionics, the jewel in the crown being the KFC 200 autopilot and HSI system. The panel was also upgraded with the Mid Continent “Life Saver” AH system, which gives 1 hour of emergency power if you have an electrical system failure, and a reliable primary instrument if you have a vacuum system failure in flight. The Garmin 330 mode S and WX-950 are also nice additions to the panel. We have held off on any upgrades of Nav/Com/GPS - as whatever we were to fit might not suit the next owner. The aircraft has also been fitted with Paul Davids Aileron & Flap gap seals STC kit.

The engine and prop have just 42hrs since overhaul, and the airframe time sits at 4441hrs and rising as we use it. Lots of recent heavy maintenance items have been performed, including the hydraulic power pack overhaul. We are happy to show you every crevice of the aircraft in the hangar in Bagby, where we can jack it up for your inspection. Professionally painted in 1991 with a Dupont Imron system, we have had the aircraft machine polished where it comes up like glass. The interior is original but way above average, and it’s just a nice place to be. Being a VAT registered aircraft dealer and selling her from our own stock, we will be selling the aircraft with a VAT inclusive commercial invoice which you can keep with the aircraft records. We have the right aeroplane, the only question is, are you the right pilot?

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